The only glucosamine that has been clinically proven to reduce knee surgery by 57%!

Contains the clinically tested Crystalline Glucosamine Sulphate for mild to moderate joint pain.

Originally formulated and patented by Rottapharm and has been approved as a prescription drug in Europe for the treatment of osteoarthritis. The only glucosamine proven safe and efficacious in hundreds of clinical papers.

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Capsule: 2 capsules 250 mg or 1 capsule 500 mg, 3 times daily.
Powder for Oral Solution: 1 sachet (dissolved in a glass of water) once daily
The product should be preferably taken at meals.



1) Capsules 250 mg x 80’s

2) Capsules 500 mg x 60’s

3) Capsules 500 mg x 90’s

4) Powder for oral solution (sachet) 1500 mg x 30’s

Available in clinics, hospitals and retail pharmacies islandwide.
Quality Product from Ireland.

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