Respiratory Tract Infection with Focus on Bronchitis and Phyto-Treatment Options
6.30 pm – 10.30 pm
Sheraton Towers Singapore

Respiratory tract infections are often associated with mucous covered and narrowed airways. Through the adrenaline-mediated activation of ß2-adrenergic signaling pathways, the human body attempts to dilate narrowed airways and free them from mucus. However, the human body’s secretolytic and bronchospasmolytic capacity are limited by the internalization of ß2AR, which is induced under stimulating conditions and reduces the number of ß2AR on the cell surface.

In this talk, Prof. Dr. Hanns Häberlein will unlock the actions of Prospan (EA 575®), share on how it inhibits the internalization of ß2AR and brings about the Secretolytic, Bronchospasmolytic and Anti-Inflammatory effects.

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