Woven Wristbands

Woven Wristbands

Woven wristbands are at the forefront when it comes to wristbands for fundraising and festivals. They can be worn for months on end as they’re made of durable nylon, polyester, or cotton fabrics. When coupled with RFID technology, woven wristbands can also be used to track guest entrances and exits at large events. Similar to holographic glitter wristbands, woven bracelets are very eye-catching and great for VIP identification.

Both high security and re-wearable styles of woven fabric wristbands are available. High security bands utilize plastic ring clips while re-wearable styles can stretch to make them easy to put on and remove. Stretch wristbands are ideal for promoting awareness and branding. In fact, we offer multiple styles of pre-designed Breast Cancer Awareness wristbands so you don’t need to customize your own.

If you need a fashionable wristband for a music festival, woven cloth bands add a plenty of style. Event planners sometimes use them to make it easier for staff to identify VIP guests. For the ultimate branding opportunity, we offer custom woven wristbands that allow you to use your own logos and designs. Often, these custom woven bands are kept as souvenirs by wearers.

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